Maximize your chances of success with our consultants and experts. They assist you from design to operation to build or optimize your information system, in terms of performance, stability, interoperability, security, scalability, integration with the existing, ...

Our added value is to be able to support you beyond providing the materials you need. The approach is to support you as far as possible in your projects to ensure the full success of implementation without penalizing your business, your production.

Our support covers different elements of the life of a project but it is the pledge of your success and our willingness to serve you well.

In order to meet the specific needs of our customers and to be able to intervene on the entire information system, we collect objective information to determine the extent to which the requirements meet the standards of the domain concerned.

In the pre-sales phase, our expertise allows us to fully play a consulting role. We offer value-added solutions around the hardware and software infrastructures of the market players.

LinSoft is able to offer you all the maintenance contracts of its partners builders and publishers by ensuring a role of administrative coordination, without neglecting its role of interface in the maintenance of operational condition of heterogeneous environment.